Gus LQ

Geospatial Developer

About Me

I am a geospatial scientist and software developer with an MSc in geography and a background in geology. My areas of expertise are automation of geospatial workflows and geodatabase management.

My most recent scientific publications involve remote sensing applied to forest mensuration including machine learning procedures.

Throughout my professional and academic life, I have developed dozens of geospatial tools ranging from simple conversion or descriptive scripts to robust geomorphological analysis software.

When not at work, I enjoy cycling, camping and socializing with friends in lively sections of board games. I sporadically participate in game-making marathons, having participated in seven such events since 2013.


Governor General's Gold Medal

I had the great honor of being awarded the 2020 Governor General's Gold Medal for outstanding scholastic achievement at the Master's level.

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Front cover of MDPI's Forests

Cover of peer-reviewed journal Forests volume 10 issue 6, featuring one of the publications from my master's thesis.

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Automatically extracted forest line center and footprint overlaying aerial photo.
Forest Line Mapper

Open-source software for high-accuracy forest line mapping.

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Snoo the snowman and his fiery friend.
Snoo's Quest to Antarctica

My latest game-jam entry. Made solo in 48h.

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